Keep Your Craft Seltzer Off My Lawn, I Mean Brewery

Within the past few months, both Oskar Blues Brewing and Boulevard Brewing have announced all new product offerings. The twist – They both are unveiling hard cocktail lines – hard seltzer for Oskar Blues and “craft cocktails” for Boulevard.

Oskar Blues Hard Seltzer
Boulevard Craft Cocktails

Now, I am not one to say breweries need to be stuck in their ways. I like when breweries diversify into new styles and have no problem when they jump on a national craze (Hazy IPAs, Brut IPAs, etc.).

And I like a brewery that offers a wider variety of styles of beers, because I believe everyone’s palate is different and that there is no one “superior” style of beer to drink. A good brewery will have something for every beer enthusiast that walks through the door.

I even understand the growth of breweries producing their own cider, which feels like a natural extension, even though the process of making a cider is more akin to wine than beer.

From Oskar Blues’ own press release about the new seltzer they are “building on their long history of innovation,” but a part of me thinks this is innovating too far.

But as neither of these breweries are truly independent (Oskar Blues is owned by Fireman Capital Partners and Boulevard is a Duvel offering), I guess it should come as no surprise to me. It is simply another way for them to hide the truth of ownership behind the “craft” label.

Why have a boring hard seltzer when you can have a “small batch craft” one?

It allows them to reach a new sector of the market who may want in on the “craft beer” craze, but are not beer drinkers themselves.

In the end, I am sure it will work, it just feels strange to see these offerings from craft breweries. I fully expect more breweries to follow. I guess this is where we are headed now.

Author: Brice

All in on the haze craze. Figure it's about time I put that journalism degree to some sort of use.

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