All or Nothing: Manchester City

Amazon Prime/Parking The Bus Illustration

While the 2018 – 2019 English Premier League campaign is in the midst of the best title race in years, I can’t help myself but focus on the 2017 season thanks to Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing.

The show follows Manchester City from preseason training sessions, through their Champions League disappointments, and eventual record-setting English Premier League title in 2017.

The cameras were given unprecedented access to a team chalked full of superstar players and managers (including the beautiful Pep). Full transparency here, I do not have a dog in the fight. My dislike of United has faded post-Mourinho, and City has not been dominate long enough for me to be tired of them yet. With that being said, I walk away from every episode wanting Manchester to stay blue and ready to run through a wall for Pep. What I would give to be in the locker room when the team serenades KDB with the fans’ chant for him after scoring a late winner.

Going into the show I assumed the team was full of egos and solo artists that treat the game like work. That could not be further from the truth. While the players do take their job, and health way more seriously than I could have ever expected, the game turns them all into little boys again. And watching it, I do too. I just sit there smiling. I can’t help myself. Jealous does not even begin to describe the emotion.

I am sure the constant camera and mic presence is a pain for everyone involved but boy am I glad they put up with it.

Fanboy rant over.

Note: As a guy that grew up in Dallas loving the Cowboys I can say this show is WAY more fun when your team is good. All or Nothing follows the Cowboys up and down 2017 season and reliving that was rough. For me at least. I am sure there are plenty of others who revel in the Cowboys struggles.

Author: Mike

Washed up but still love the game. Craft beer and taco enthusiast.

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