Chad Johnson – Still funny on Twitter, Still Playing (Semi) Professional Soccer

Former NFL player, Chad Johnson (yes, he did finally change his name back from Ochocinco) went viral with a hilariously simple and honest Tweet this morning about witnessing “his neighbor Roger” being arrested while he was heading out for his morning run.

The Roger in reference, of course, is Roger Stone – the longtime Republican fixer who was being arrested by the FBI in conjunction with the Mueller investigation.

It is hilarious that Chad Johnson lives next door to Roger Stone and that the former NFL player witnessed the FBI raid. It brings to question whether Johnson even know what kind of work his neighbor Roger did.

Because Chad Johnson reentered the national conscious with his incredible Tweet, I learned that he is still chasing down his professional soccer career dream with Boca Raton FC of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) – which I find to be equally as incredible.

Johnson has always had an interest in the sport and during the 2011 NFL lockout, he had a tryout with Sporting Kansas City of MLS, even appearing in a few reserve side games.

Here is Johnson with his Boca Raton FC teammates:

I am not sure why, but Johnson is actually not listed on the Boca’s all-time roster page, but apparently he did appear in several matches for the team in 2018, even notching a penalty kick goal.

Thanks to his viral Tweet, I am glad to have learned that Johnson is still chasing down the professional soccer dream.

Who knows where or what club he will show up for next, but we now know that his neighbor is Roger Stone.

Author: Brice

All in on the haze craze. Figure it's about time I put that journalism degree to some sort of use.

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