The Office: Who’s the W.O.A.T?

While there are tons of articles on who the best character on The Office is and quizzes to find out who you are most like there has not been a lot of talk on who the WORST characters are.  For any Michael fanboys out there I will stop you right here, Toby is not on the list. 

Here are my bottom 5 (1 being the W.O.A.T):

1.) Charles Miner

  • Cancels Michael’s 15yr anniversary party and doesn’t have the decency to let him say his goodbyes
  • Hates Jim in a not at all funny way
  • Horrific right-footed strike from 30 yds out that is going out for a throw if it doesn’t blast Phyllis in the face.  What are you doing hitting that in a parking lot pick-up game with work colleagues?  Charles seems like the guy who would care WAY too much about his MLS team whilst not having the slightest clue about the game.

2.) Nellie Bertram

  • Dwight would rather lay in bed with Jim eating ice cream than sleep with Nellie in the After Hours episode
  • Tough time to come into the show but boy are some of her scenes brutal. The “no” scene, where she refuses to give Andy his job/office back makes me want to punch a wall.

3.) Brian (Boom Mic Guy)

  • Listen, bro, back off of Pam
  • Way too sensitive and needy for Pam (which makes the two very similar)
  • Shows up to double date on Valentine’s day alone rather than sending a text or finding a more appropriate time to tell Pam and Jim you are separated from your wife (again, sensitive and needy)

4.) Jan Levinson

  • The Dinner Party episode says it all; Making Michael sleep at the foot of the bed, her candle business, Hunter’s music, and using Pam and Jim’s bottle of wine for cooking.
  • There was apparently a subplot to that episode where Jan admits to spray painting a cuss word on the neighbor’s dog while holding it down with her knee but the producers felt like this was too horrible even for Jan.

5.) Pam (Late Seasons)

  • Hot take: Pam never deserved Jim in the first place and Karen was actually way cooler and a better fit for Halpert.
  • Jim is out here commuting between Scranton and Philly, working two jobs trying to make a better life for you and the kids and all you can do is threaten to leave him and flirt with the emo boom mic guy?  Producers must have realized the sharp downturn of Pam as they quickly change her attitude at the very end of the series.  Too little too late. I would love to have seen a spin-off of single Jim and Darryl living it up in Austin.

W.O.A.T Episode (based on cringeworthiness): Too many people jump straight to Scott’s Tots but THE must cringe-worthy episode has to be Phyllis’ Wedding.

Note: Sneaky funny, often overlooked aspect of a Charles Miner episode, is when Kelly is upset with Charles for telling Erin her middle name is pretty and she yells that her middle name is Rajnigandha only for Kevin to question “I thought Rajnigandha was a boy’s name”.

Who have I missed, what did I do wrong, tell me below.

Author: Mike

Washed up but still love the game. Craft beer and taco enthusiast.

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