Soccer vs Football (Real Football)

As the World’s Game has gained momentum in the United States over the last five to ten years, it is becoming increasingly apparent that our invite to the supporter’s party was lost in the mail.

The English love to tell us to “get our own chants” and “stop with the scarves,” while simultaneously lecturing us that “it’s not called a PK, its a penalty” and “they’re strikers not forwards”.  And its not just the sad, sad, pale, bitter, English folks, its the rest of the world too.  No one seems to be able to figure out whether they should make fun of us for what we don’t know, or for being wrong about what we do.

Missing the World Cup obviously gave the world the ammunition they needed to continue shooting United States soccer fans down like we are their little brother – and that is fair.  But this started long before that horror story of a night in T&T.

So what’s the rub?  Why aren’t we the cute new girl that transfers in before junior year?

The resistance to our rise in soccer is understandable at its core (it does not help that we call it soccer which makes us sound pretty silly (but not nearly as silly as when washed up English players coaching our youth are forced to say it)).

And yes, MLS fans do chant at the wrong times, and steal songs from overseas clubs – but we are learning.  Walk around London on a Saturday and you will see an NFL jersey for all 32 teams, and you don’t hear us taking a piss.

Maybe that is because we don’t see anyone as a threat to our Football.  Maybe it is because the rest of the world does see us as a threat to theirs.

Our young guns are on the rise.  Christian Pulisic was just voted the second best under 21 player in the world.  Sargent just scored on his first ever touch in the Bundesliga.  Tyler Adams is headed to Germany, and Zack Steffen is on his way to City (yes, Manchester City, only two years removed from a loan to the Pittsburgh Riverhounds).

And this is just the start.  There are a smattering of players beginning to make their mark across Europe, and loads more on their way over.  So mate, take your footy, and f**k off home.  Don’t pretend you want to see the USMNT in Qatar.  That is if we can manage a draw against T&T (which is v hard TBH).

Author: Mike

Washed up but still love the game. Craft beer and taco enthusiast.

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