Is Pep Guardiola Hot?

If you’re looking for insight to Pep as a manager in this post, you are going to be incredibly disappointed.  In that sense yes, Pep is very hot. Not to say that most 13-year-old kids playing Manager Mode (if that is still a thing, I have not played a later version than ’10) on FIFA couldn’t win with the squad he has, but that is an argument for another time.

What we are looking at here is if Pep is hot hot.  Going into writing this, my two biggest arguments against the guy were that he was short and bald.  No offense to short bald guys out there but I mean, you get it.  Well, with mere seconds of research I quickly learned that the miniature manager I had in my head was actually 5’11 and calling him short would mean that I am short, something I will vehemently refute until the day I die.

With that out of the way, my next search on the interwebs was for pictures of Pep as a player in hopes of seeing what his lettuce was looking like back in the day.  Here too my hot takes were quickly simmered.  The guy’s look was bad when he had hair.  We are talking L.A Looks Extreme Sport gel combed straight down with the bangs cut straight across like you did in 6th grade bad.


I  can’t imagine many people out there looking better without their hair but this is absolutely the case with Pep.  Maybe he held on to all the money he saved getting free haircuts from a teammate to buy himself his GQ wardrobe he is seen in today.

With my two main arguments stripped away, there was little left to deny, he’s hot.  He dresses like an absolute boss.  Always custom, tailored fits looking like he is headed to tapas with your dream girl.  Let’s just dash in the Spanish accent and the fact that footy players are generally adored by females and we’ve got ourselves a real man rocket.

To be clear City fans, this takes nothing away from your general shittiness and unearned arrogance.  It just means you should cherish the most likable aspect of your club outside of the fact that at least you’re not Jose’ and United.

Author: Mike

Washed up but still love the game. Craft beer and taco enthusiast.

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